Posties do it again!

Like many others in the ward, I now look forward to a Friday to help brighten up my weekly lockdown by looking out for our amazing posties in fancy-dress.

This week, the ward was spoilt yet again by a full crew of Posties dressed as Snow White and a variety of other characters.

Snow White and Thing 1

Out walking the Ward, it was heartwarming to see families out waiting for their Postie to call.

This is a breath of fresh air during these difficult times, especially to see the children so excited!

I had the pleasure of visiting the Pontnewynydd (Pontypool) Depot earlier in the week, meeting staff involved and hearing how the idea came about during the Covid19 Lockdown, helping to bring cheer and raise funds, choosing a different charity each Friday.

This week around £1500 has been raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind, a massive round of applause to every one of our Posties, sometimes forgotten as essential Key Workers.

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