Volunteering for the Ward

Another Sunday afternoon spent volunteering at Noddfa, assisting with their weekly food share deliveries to the ward.

Noddfa a welsh word meaning, refuge, a place of welcome and peace, is definitely living up to its name, with a growing number of volunteers.

You’re always guaranteed a warm welcome, whatever your belief or circumstances and always welcome to socially distance volunteer on any one of their projects, to help the community of Abersychan ward and further afield.

Apart from food share, Noddfa is also a collection point for recycling equipment, the hall is open every weekday between 10am and noon.

Today I was pleased to see British Gas (Paul, Andrew and Nathan) along with Patrol Officers join with the Church volunteers to help deliver over 70 food bags within the locality again this week.

Paul and Andrew from British Gas

Everything is done at a leisurely pace under the watchful eyes of Mandi and her husband, but done with clockwork precision, with each driver given an area to cover.

You might not know that Noddfa is build over a stream a belief that living water, will cleanse and help the congregation to regain energy, the amount of input this one Church has had within the ward, I am starting to believe this is true.

Thank you Pastor John Funnell and Noddfa Church along with all volunteers, for giving up the most precious thing you can ever give, not only through Covid 19, but always.


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