Feeling The Pinch

Yesterday evening I attended an event in the ward hosted by Noddfa Church called ‘Feeling the Pinch’ which was to advise the community on ways to reduce their debt.

img_0829-2The event was run by CAP which is short for Christians Against Poverty an organisation incidentally promoted by Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis who recently stated that CAP are unsurpassed when it comes to debt help they give to people across the country.

Some of the tips we were offered last night were how to cook wisely avoiding expensive ready meals, how to shop around for great savings on car insurance, making a budget, talking about your money problems and asking for help.

Simon Matheson addressing the audience

If you are currently in debt, the first call to CAP can be hard admitting that you’re struggling, but the sooner you make that call, the sooner you will have peace of mind.

CAP will arrange a Home Visit with one of their Debt Coaches, help you work out an effective budget, create a CAP Plan.

CAP services are completely FREE and confidential and isn’t just for Christians!

They will help you regardless of religious beliefs, race, nationality, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or disability.

Call them FREE on 0800 328 0006

For further information on CAP in Torfaen, contact Simon on 07933 348307

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