Carols Under The Arch


Several weeks ago, I met with Pastor John from Noddfa and we started to chat about Noddfa doing a carol service for Christmas.

We bounced a few ideas around from an event at Keepers Pond (Which is actually not in Torfaen) to eventually The Big Arch.

When I got home I spoke to my colleague Gwyneira and we discussed the whole logistics of the event and decided to make it happen.

Risk assessing the Big Arch

As you are probably aware, you can’t just set up an event, you need to seek the relevant permissions and write out risk assessments, health and safety arrangements, parking arrangements, first aid cover etc.

It was a mammoth task, but we pushed ahead, working as a team.

As Gwyneira, Wayne and myself started off the fund raising for a new memorial for the Llanerch Colliery Disaster 2 years ago on the 125th Anniversary, which led to the formation of the Llanerch Memorial Fund, the only thing we asked for was a bucket collection at the event.

The Llanerch evening service
The Launch of the Memorial Fund – 125th Anniversary of Llanerch Disaster

This was agreed, we also contacted various organisations to see if they could help, from Mince Pies, Mulled Wine, Sound Equipment, Lights, Band and Stage setting.

Everybody pulled together! Our estimate was around 100 people tops turning up, so we printed 120 song books to make sure we had enough to go around.

On the night, we were blessed with clear mild weather and after setting the Big Arch up, people started arriving, arriving and arriving until the estimated 100 people turned to near enough 500!

Setting up the event in the evening

The atmosphere was amazing, the setting outstanding, the bucket collection raised £338, thanks to Ken Clark and Carol Watkins who carried out the collection along with myself, Gwyneira and Wayne.

All that’s left now is to organise next year’s event with Pastor John and Noddfa, which hopefully be bigger, better and to thank everyone who attended, gave up their time to help at this ward event.

Some of the crowd enjoying the evening

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