Thousands of Pounds of Music Equipment Stolen

Thousands of pounds worth of music equipment has been taken from Noddfa Church in the ward, which was discovered yesterday (13th May) after lights were found to be on in the building.

The new equipment including keyboards and guitars were still in their boxes and had been recently been purchased from a grant provided by The Sheriffs Fund.

This was to support their free music lessons to children within our ward and community.

Noddfa Church have been a huge support to our ward, supporting the elderly and vulnerable, homeless runs, homework clubs, toddler groups and the now iconic Carols under the Arch along with free to a good home.

This has been devastating for the Church and my good friend, Pastor John Funnell, especially when he does so much good.

To see them targeted like this is a huge blow to the Abersychan Ward, can I appeal to the people who stole the items to return them to the Church, as the only people this theft really affects are our children.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Gwent Police quoting 2000165419 via 101 or Crimestoppers who will take information anonymously 0800 555 111


A number of musical instruments were stolen including:

x2 – Fender 125ce Dreadnought Electro-Acoustic guitars 

x2 -Ibanez AE205 Electro Acoustic Guitars Brown Sunburst

x1 -Takemine GN11M Neutral Satin guitar

x1 -Yamaha PSR E263 keyboard

x2 -Single cutaway Electro Acoustic Gear4Music guitars 

As well as guitar stands and bags.

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