The Poppy Queen

Mrs Nancy Felton ‘The Poppy Queen’ with her husband.

Local ward resident 82-year-old Mrs Nancy Felton is well known within the Abersychan Ward for selling poppies over the past 47 years and in doing so, has raised thousands of pounds for the Poppy Appeal.

Mrs Felton started selling poppies when she first went to a dinner and dance at the Abersychan British Legion which was located on Foundry Road and an announcement was made for someone to volunteer as a seller.

For many years Mrs Felton, has walked the streets of Garndiffaith selling poppies and raising money for the Poppy Appeal, today you can find Mrs Felton who now finds it difficult to walk, sat in her chair in the co-op store at Garndiffaith selling poppies.

Mrs Felton has seen many changes over the years with regards to supporting the appeal.

She said, “Many years ago it was just the Poppy but now there are wrist bands, poppies for ladies’ hand bags and many other different items to raise funds”.

On Remembrance Sunday Mrs Felton, laid a wreath at the Abersychan Memorial Garden which was created by the pupils of Abersychan High School, in memory of those who lost their lives in the first and second world wars including other conflicts in the world including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Councillors Gwyneira Clark, Giles Davies, Wayne Tomlinson presenting flowers and a framed photo to Mrs Felton at the Millennium Hall, Garndiffaith. 

The following week the Ward Councillors surprised Mrs Felton by turning up unplanned at a presentation evening at the Millennium Hall and presented her with a framed photo and flowers to recognise her commitment to our fallen heroes.

Our very own ‘Poppy Queen’.

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