Super Heroes Academy at Noddfa

Last Friday I signed up to the final day of Super heroes Training Academy at Noddfa, last time I took part was when I was 10 years old in 1977, then I spent a week at the old Ambulance Hall on Church road where I took part with many others in activities and craft work, some items I still have to look back on!IMG_1444

When I heard that Noddfa Chapel was running this Academy I was overjoyed that once again they were taking the lead during the holiday period to offer parents some rest and keeping the children occupied throughout the week as they did in 1977.
When I arrived at the Academy I watched as parents registered their children at the registration desk and were given a badge.image

They all took part in a singsong before being split into groups matching their ages, the group I was in took part in activities such as making plastic cup and string telephones and group activities to encourage friendship.

In the next room were mothers and preschool children, who were socialising and introducing their children to each other.

Upstairs was a craft section, making shields, jewel belts and items from milk bottle tops and other recyclable materials.

Everything was so organised and everyone was having so much fun!

imageIt was a pleasure to see and take part in such a community effort, designed to bring everyone together and I thank Pastor John, his family and helpers for making this possible.

I’m sure this will now grow from strength to strength and is most welcome in the Abersychan Ward.


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