Ward Walk -24th March 2015

Enjoyed my regular ward walk earlier today, reported several fly tipping incidents before calling in to see Helen at Twin Trim Hairdresses and Nicola at The Head Gardener Garndiffaith.

Unfortunately for me I got soaked in the rain and sleet, although en route I did notice that the lamppost still under warranty outside the co operative which I reported several weeks ago was still full faulty, so will be chasing this up.

Faulty Lamppost Garndiffaith

Went to call in to see Petals the florists in Abersychan but as she was just receiving a fresh delivery, I’ll call in next week.

Walking through the village I was pleased to see the Post Office full and people in The Cafe, Gabbys Diner and Abersychan Pharmacy.

I wanted to pop into Tikitiboo to have a look about for some gifts, but unfortunately they were closed today.

The whole area looked clean on the main routes apart from the fly tipping off the beaten track, but all areas suffer from this not just Abersychan ward.

Car Dashboard -Big Arch Field

Received good news about the blocked drain outside Pins & Inks Tattooist, this will be sorted by Friday.

Will be cleared by Friday

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