Support Local Independent Businesses

Another good afternoon supporting #shoplocal and independent traders who have faith in our communities and support the local economy.

A real lifeline helping to make our home villages and towns prosperous.

One thing I’ve learned by supporting local independent businesses are how important they actually are within a community and what good customer service actually is.

No one wants a dead village, but its up to each one of us to support them, instead of complaining when they’ve shut down, without our custom they will eventually close and then others quickly follow.

All that will be left is your big multi national superstores, syphoning money from the local economy and spending, investing it else where.

Today my mission was to pop to Abergavenny Market to buy freshly baked soda bread and to pick up some fresh vegetables and cakes along with a coffee and a few Birthday Cards.

All of these I could have bought in my local superstore, but where’s the fun in that?

Passing through Blaenavon I decided to park up and call into Artie Craftie on Commercial Street to see if they sold home crafted cards as well as supplying the materials.

It was great catching up with Nick and Wendy, but although they supplied materials, they didn’t actuality sell the finished product.

They directed me to another local business over the road called Coffee and Cards, a quaint little cafe which sold a selection of home made cards along with coffee!

Lovely people, really helpful and friendly and nothing was too much trouble, real quality service.

Result knowing that my money was going back into Blaenavon World Heritage Town and helping a local business.

As always, Abergavenny was bustling and the Market was really busy, where I enjoyed a coffee and picked up several freshly baked products, along with enjoying several chats with local people and meeting Abersychan Ward residents along the way.

The broad selection of fresh produce on sale was outstanding, from Jams, cakes, plants to bric n brac, always a pleasure, especially the farmers market which is also held in the market hall during the month.

Much more pleasurable than visiting my local supermarket, especially with the socialising and sneaky coffee.

To support local independent businesses all you need to do is make little changes to your routine like top up Gas and Electric at a pay point in the local post office, pop in, use your local independent pharmacy or try a service in the area, like Barbers, Hairdresser’s, Cafes etc.

Without YOUR support, they are all at risk.  Use them or lose them.

#shoplocal #supportindependentbusinesses

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