Opening all Avenues Project

The Avenue, Garndiffaith towards the end of the project

Just over a year ago Councillor Lynda Clarkson and myself took part in a project with Bronafon Community Housing to rejuvenate this run down area of Garndiffaith.

The project was a first, a pilot scheme to tackle head on the issues affecting residents, each door was knocked and residents spoken to, questionnaires were given out and the data analysed directed the project.

One of many meetings with residents

What was picked up was the amount of rubbish accumulated in gardens during Covid and one of the requests was for help removing, leading to a Skip Day.

Rubbish collected within hours of putting skips in place

Looking around the estate, render on some properties was cracked and bricks exposed, causing damp issues, this was put forward as part of the project for renewal.

During our time spent at the Avenue, residents came out and helped, a real community spirit developed, all data gained has been catalogued and stored by Bronafon to show the success of the partnership working.

A resident helping out at the Avenue

The whole area and houses have now been given a fresh lease of life and something the residents and partnerships involved can be proud of.

All Bronafon properties have been re rendered and rubbish from properties removed, empty properties have been refurbished and the whole area looks fresh and loved once again!

Really proud again on my involvement as a Councillor, not everyone will be happy, which is always the case with a project this size, but their issues will be picked up on the completion survey and addressed.

But the majority we have spoken to are overwhelmingly pleased with the final outcome!

Partnership Working!

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