My Annual Report to Torfaen

Council Committees

Cleaner Communities Overview & Scrutiny Committee


Council Overview & Scrutiny Committee

Cross-Cutting Resources and Business Overview & Scrutiny Committee

General Licensing Committee (Chair)

Licensing Committee (Chair)

Statutory Licensing Committee (Chair)

I served on the following outside bodies/committees

Torfaen Leisure Trust – Board of Trustees

Local Ward Activities

During the past 12 months again using Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Website) to keep residents informed and allowing them to make contact 24/7 including regular ward walks (Street Surgeries), it’s been an exceptionally busy period.

Estate Walk

Along with Noddfa Church the winter period was taken up helping to organise Carols Under the Arch, followed by the Ward Pantomime in January.

Carols Under the Arch

During this period helping raise funds and support local businesses as much as possible, along with taking on the Chair at the Millennium Hall Community Association and at Garnsychan Partnership.

Fundraiser in the ward

Unfortunately Covid 19 then started to appear and we went into Lockdown, expecting at first, a drop in workload, this wasn’t to happen.

At Garnsychan Partnership, we decided to throw our resources into supporting the ward and tied in with Abersychan Pharmacy and Surgery to assist prescription deliveries for isolating residents, along with linking in with Torfaen and others to provide and deliver food packages for shielding and vulnerable residents.

A massive thanks to the Partnership Manager Ms Kate Burton for organising and providing this service.

During this period I linked in with Noddfa Church to help deliver Fair Share food bags within the ward.

Food for distribution within the ward at Noddfa Church

As it became difficult for isolating residents to collect recycling equipment, it was time I felt to pick up and deliver to them, which is what happened, before arranging a collection point at Noddfa Church Hall for social distancing collection.

Delivering Nappy Sacks to isolating parents in the ward

Using my allocated exercise period during early days of Lockdown, I walked the ward to pick up on resident concerns and issues affecting them.

Walking the ward

Along with the ward Community Councillors we have organised a Scarecrow Competition within the ward to raise morale and keep the children occupied.

Scarecrow Competition

I was also honoured to personally provide prizes for a Support your Key Workers Craft competition within the ward.

Winning Entries

The first 5 months of 2020 have been challenging and draining, workloads have risen considerably and stress levels along with it.

But I’ve managed to keep in touch with Community Safety, Police and Licensing via Team Meetings online.

One of many Team meetings

Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be working as a Community Leader during a Pandemic.

Working through a Pandemic with PPE

Initiatives and special activities

Ward Pantomime

Carols Under the Arch Volunteer – Noddfa Church

Other activities and issues

Member of Pontypool Community Council Deputy Presiding Officer – TCBC

Chair – Garndiffaith Millennium Association Chair – Garnsychan Partnership

Volunteer – Noddfa Church, Carols Under the Arch Volunteer – Noddfa Food Share

Trustee – Torfaen Leisure Trust

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