Twins Bake for the NHS

There’s a facebook page that is taking the ward by storm called ‘Twin bakes for the NHS’ the page already has 477 members and membership is rapidly rising.

The page came about from an idea by Abersychan twins Ffion and Lilly aged 10 as they wanted to do something to help during the pandemic, but struggled because of social distancing.

After much thought, the twins decided they wanted to bake for key workers, helping to give them recognition from them for the outstanding work they are doing, as things took off they decided to raise money for the NHS.

The twins added “we all need the NHS, especially now, we are truly grateful to the NHS as it has helped support us in many ways, Lilly suffers from severe asthma and requires a lot of medication every month”.

Their mother, Jenna Powell added that their little brother Ollie, has fluid on the brain and has undergone many CT and MRI scans, they’re aware how much this must cost the NHS, we just want to give something back to them.

She added that she is very proud of what her daughters are doing and they have so far raised over £300 using some of their pocket money to add to the total.

All the ingredients have been bought by the children and all this is alongside their home schooling.

I think that we all agree, how wonderful and thoughtful Lilly and Ffion are and we are all truly grateful to them.

The Facebook page has many mouthwatering selections, I highly recommend that you take a look!

No personal contact was involved in writing this blog.

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