April 2020 Newsletter

Hello, and welcome to my end of month newsletter for April 2020.

In this months newsletter:

  • COVID-19 Support available
  • My Small Schemes Fund 2019-20 Donations
  • and more.

COVID-19 Support Available

The Torfaen COVID-19 Support grant has been set up by Torfaen County Borough Council and Torfaen Voluntary Alliance. The aim of the grant is to provide financial aid to all organisations that are providing support during the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant can be used for but not limited to:

  • Volunteer expenses
  • Equipment
  • Crisis bags
  • Food

Applications will also be accepted for groups that are:

  • Supporting homeless
  • Supporting older people
  • Supporting children at risk/in need
  • Supporting people living in poverty
  • Supporting people who are/have been suffering domestic abuse

My Small Schemes Fund 2019-20 Donations

Each year Councillors get an allowance to spend within their ward to help Community Groups, Charities etc (Constituted with Bank Account)

This is where I spent last years allowance.

This year I’ll be spending my Torfaen County Borough Council allowance towards helping the ward support those affected by COVID-19

  • Cwmavon Village Hall
  • Cylch Ti A Fi Tedi Bach Garndiffaith
  • Fairfield AFC
  • Fairfield United AFC Girls
  • Garndiffaith Community Association – Pantomime
  • Vitalize Radio
  • Garndiffaith RFC Youth
  • Hanbury Arms Pigeon Club
  • Hope GB
  • Ladies Circle
  • Nifty Needles
  • Noddfa Chapel
  • Special Defibrillator Project – Cwmavon Residents Assoc
  • Talywain Senior Citizens
  • Talywain WI
  • Victoria Village Community Lunch Club
  • Young Carers
  • High Street Baptist Chapel
  • Dan Jones Golfing Charity Match

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