A short update

During the past few weeks I’ve met with my partners at Torfaen Youth to build on the success of the ward Youth Clubs, by gaining an opportunity for a recognised qualification earned by taking part in activities.

I’ve started talks with Bronafon in regards to a few activities that Noddfa Church are doing to help residents within the community, these may tie in with their ethos, so I’m currently looking at ways to link in to provide a better service for residents of the ward.

Recently I’ve joined TRAC2, this is a crisis intervention charity that provides recycled household items to people facing hardship, it’s also a Community Outreach Office that host multiple agencies enabling a safe and confidential place to meet. TRAC2 also have a charity shop that enables members of our disadvantaged community to purchase low cost, affordable items.

Over the last year TRAC2 has donated over 200 items to families within our ward and helped 10 families along with providing financial support, so I’ve very pleased to be a proactive member of this charity and look forward to working closely with them to help the most vulnerable within the ward and Torfaen.

Cheque presentation at TRAC2 for £600 raised at Carols Under The Arch

Recently I was involved in a cheque presentation to TRAC2 from donations collected at Carols under the Arch, this was gladly accepted to provide essential items within the community.

I’m currently researching a food share scheme for the ward and hope to get something set up before next year after I’ve arranged a group meeting with my partnership agencies.

You may wonder why I use the word ‘Partnerships’, this is what I’ve built on over the last 5 years via contacts and people I have already worked with as a Councillor, building links such as the Fire Rescue Service, Gwent Police, TRAC2, Probation Service, Torfaen Play, Torfaen Youth, etc.

Donating Easter Eggs to Noddfa Youth and Toddler Clubs, thanks to Bronafon for matching my donation, really appreciated by all.

As usual if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you will see that much of my free time has been taken up by resolving issues during and after the bad weather along with private casework that I can’t post about, too much to put in this short blog, it’s been an exceptionally busy and stressful few weeks!

Great community spirit by residents during the snow.

So, I took the decision to resign from my paid position at the Brecon Beacons National Parks Authority as it tied me down too much when my workload within the ward has seemed to have risen considerably over the past few months, this must take priority.

This has now taken effect and my seat is currently vacant.

Finally, massive thanks to the community who pulled together during the bad weather and showed true community spirit by helping to clear the roads and footpaths along with looking out for housebound and infirm residents, huge respect to you.

Thanks also for your continued support within the ward!

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Personal blog to compliment Twitter account @abersychanward. All views are my own.

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