An Evening of Thanks

I would like to thank Sue Malson, Community Coordinator at Trac2 for inviting me to their ‘Evening of Thanks’ which was held at Trevethin and Penygarn Community Centre last night (10th April 2015).

For the benefit for those who haven’t heard of Trac2, then here’s a short background.

Trac is short for ‘The Really Amazing Charity’ and after attending last night, I fully understand why, Trac2 was established over 4 years ago and is run by 4 part time staff members, 11 volunteers and 6 trustee board members.

The charity has helped over 700 families, donated over 1011 items of furniture and over 200 food parcels and helped low budget families to purchase excellent quality clothes, household furnishings, toys and much more at very affordable prices.

In 2014 Trac2 was officially granted charitable status!

Their shop, based at Trevethin contains household items, bric a brac, small items of furniture and clothing and are typically priced between 1 and 3 pounds.

Recently the charity has expanded to new offices and offer services linked to their partner agencies, which include, Citizens Advice Bureau, Gateway Credit Union, Job Club, Bron Afon and Communities First.

Over the years Trac2 has prevented over 18 tonnes of household items being entered into landfill and this is expanding year on year.

During the past 3 years Trac2 has been working extensively with TCBC and The Trussel Trust in issuing and supporting food bank access for local people.

Trac2 has also launched a website which contains a lot of useful information about the charity and ways to get in touch.

Last night I was blown away by the passion and enthusiasm of Sue Malson the Coordinator who spoke about the trust, bursting into tears along the way, it showed her outstanding commitment to the community.

Sue Malson - Trac2 Coordinator speaking about the charity

I was pleased to see that the charity has helped several families in my ward at times of crises.

So a huge Thank You from me for that, any charity that helps families in need in the Abersychan Ward is a now a firm favourite of mine as one of their representatives!

Once again Sue, thank you for inviting me and letting me be educated in what you do, which blew me away, you should be very proud, I look forward to supporting you over the coming year and onwards.

Trac2 is based at 2 Church Avenue Trevethin and can be contacted on 01495 764078

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