The Best Of Torfaen Awards

Really enjoyable morning, as I attended The Best Of Torfaen Awards and Networking Breakfast at Greenmeadow Golf Club.


Really interesting to hear each member speak for 60 seconds on what’s been happening with their business and any promotions they are offering.

Met some real interesting people and shared ideas on using blogs, Facebook and twitter.

I was honoured to be asked to present the awards to the winning businesses and it was a pleasure meeting Nick and Wendy from Artie Craftie again and was chuffed to be given a limited edition Artie Badge.


The food was excellent and the way the businesses were promoted was outstanding, a real social event.

I was pleased to hear a local business owner who didn’t vote for me last election, assured me they would next time for all the support I’m giving them, which was really nice to be told.

I also chatted at length about some ideas the local business owners have to promote the ward, which were very exciting to hear, I’m looking forward to working with them to try and put these in place.

Really pleased to be included and recognised for what I’m trying to achieve in the ward by promoting local businesses.

Can’t wait to be invited to the next business event, makes my job in promoting this ward and its businesses really rewarding.

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