The Best of Torfaen

This morning during my ward walk I called in to visit ‘The Best of Torfaen’ a local company that has an office at Abersychan Industrial and Business Estate.

The best of, I was informed started life in 2005 and over that time has grown into a household name.


They have coverage in over 300 areas across the UK, showcasing and supporting over 30,000 Businesses and are are proud to be ‘local’ as every area is run and owned  independently by a local person.

Each local ‘franchisee’ has been selected to work with the best businesses and support their community in a variety of ways.

They are dedicated to supporting businesses in the UK and helping them to grow, survive and prosper.

Their ethic is very much like mine, a shared love of the community and the area their passion is to see it grow and prosper for the businesses and people within it.

They also run a free local newsletter for businesses and have a website if you’d like to know more about this company in our ward.

It was a pleasure to meet Steve Gregory and Megan Dovey today and learn about what they do within the community.

I wish them every success and thank them for having confidence in the ward of Abersychan and opening their office here.

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