Clear Cuts Modern Barbers – New Barber in High Street, Abersychan

Services offered at Clear Cuts
Services offered at Clear Cuts

After hearing a lot of good comments about the new Barbers ‘Clear Cuts’ in the village and as someone who likes to promote local businesses I decided to call in today to see what all the fuss was about.

As soon as I walked through the door I was made really welcome and decided to try a haircut with a Hot Towel Shave for £12.

The Hot Shave consisted of being led right back in the old fashioned Barber’s chair and my 3 days’ worth of growth being shaved off with an electric razor, my face and head was then wrapped in hot wet towels and my face massaged.

I was then sprayed with a lotion before my face was soaped up using the old hot soap and brush and then shaved with a cut throat razor.

Any little nicks was sealed and then I was lathered up again and shaved again, which was followed by another hot towel to the face and massage.

Another bare face massage with pore closing lotion followed, before being moisturised with balm.

A new experience was ear flaming which is basically burning all the ear hairs off followed by an ear brow trim.

I never felt so relaxed and pampered in my life and nothing was rushed a real quality service and experience.

My face now feels like it did when I was a child, really smooth and glowing.
Just a Hot Shave costs £6 and with a haircut £12

Can’t recommend it enough and something I look forward to having regularly.

Another quality business in the Abersychan Ward and a great way to treat a loved one. ‪#‎SHOPLOCAL‬

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